Quality Management

We continuously improve HCM’s perception as a trustworthy partner for Customers and the environment. We produce goods and develop the company in a responsible and sustainable manner, always caring for the interest of people, environment and Customers.

We implement our Quality Policy through:

  • continuous supervising and improving of processes
  • examining Customers’ requirements and satisfaction and monitoring supplies quality
  • improving qualifications and competence of our personnel and their relations to each other
  • optimising management processes and information flow
  • maximising HCM’s value through enhancing the overall capacity, metal recoveries, boosting the SHG proportion within the total output, expanding the alloying capacity and using less expensive feed materials
  • optimising the working capital and reducing the operations risks
  • upgrading the infrastructure through significant investments and spendings.

We fulfill our duties related to the Quality Policy reliably, in compliance with the law and ISO PN-EN 9001:2015 standards. This leads to positive and satisfying relation with business partners and surroundings.
Certificate ISO 9001

Certificate ISO 14001 45001

Certificate ISO 50001 

Certificate ISO 27001

Prezes Zarządu – Dyrektor Naczelny
mgr inż. Arkadiusz Mańka